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Benefits of Vito Oil

Extend Oil Lifespan

Vito's micro-filtering technology slows down the degradation of cooking oil, allowing you to use it for longer periods. Users often experience up to a staggering 50% increase in the oil's usable life, leading to significant cost savings.

Lower Fryer Workload

By extending the life of your frying medium up to 50%, VITO also cuts the number of oil changes needed by the same percentage. Consistently clean oil means less food will adhere to the fryer walls which equals less cleanings.

Enhanced Fried Food Quality

Bid farewell to greasy, subpar fried food! Vito's exclusive pressurized microfiltration process ensures your oil is fresh and ready to go, which means improved food appearance, texture, and taste.

Easy Cleaning

With Vito's dishwasher-safe base unit, maintaining your oil filtration system becomes a breeze. Spend less time on cleaning and more time delighting your customers with delectable treats.

Chemical-Free Operation

Vito doesn't require you to add powders or potions to work its magic. Serve healthier fried food while ensuring the taste and quality you intended is not compromised with additives that can't be filtered out.

Reduce Oil Absorption

Say goodbye to excessively oily fried food! Vito's filtration system helps reduce oil absorption in your dishes, resulting in healthier and more appealing final products.


Vito Portable Options

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Full Product Lineup

The VITO 30 is ideal for smaller fryers up to 22lbs or 10 litres.
The VITO VL is suited for multiple fryers up to 70 lbs (50 litres) each, frying any mix of goods.
The VITO VM is the midrange model handling up to 35lb fryers (18 litres).
The VITO XM filters all fryers and can hold 40 Litres (2 x 35lb fryers worth) of oil in its tank.
The VITO XM filters all fryers and can hold 120 Litres (3.5 x 60lb fryers worth) of oil in its tank.
The VITO XM filters all fryers and can hold 75 Litres (2 x 60lb fryers worth) of oil in its tank.
The FT 440 Oil Tester determines the health of your frying oil so you can change it exactly on time and save even more.
NEMA Power cord for the VITO 30, 50, 80, VL and XS, XM and XL series
Wall bracket for VITO 30 and VITO 50/80/VL oil filter system.

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For over 20 years VITO has specialized exclusively in creating the most innovative cutting edge filter systems on the market. That journey has afforded us a wealth of experience in oil management, solving problems and providing solutions. Ask us anything, we're always happy to help!

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